Fine Arts (3 credits)

You must satisfy this requirement by taking one or more of the following courses (for a total of three credits). 

If you are pursuing a major in the Department of Fine and Performing Arts, you must fulfill the fine arts core requirements via a fine arts course outside of your primary major.

FPA 1000Intro to the Arts3
FPA 1100The Arts and Social Change3
AAM 2120Survey of Art in Africa since Prehistory3
ART 2000Drawing I3
ART 2025Figure Drawing I3
ART 2100Design3
ART 2120Three Dimensional Design3
ART 2150Color Theory3
ART 2200Painting I3
ART 2300Printmaking I3
ART 2400Ceramics I3
ART 2450Sculpture I3
ART 2480Fibers and Textiles3
ART 2490Jewelry and Metalsmithing3
ART 2500Computer Art I3
ART 2600Photography I3
ART 2650Digital Photography3
ART 2700Graphic Design I3
AAM 2220Introduction to African-American Art3
AAM 2320Art of the African Diaspora3
ARTH 1000Approaching the Arts3
ARTH 1010History of Western Art3
ARTH 1020History of Architecture3
ARTH 1040Art & Film3
ARTH 1070American Masterpieces in Art3
ARTH 1080Masterpieces in Art3
ARTH 1090Global Masterpieces in Art3
ARTH 1500Life & Times of Michelangelo3
ARTH 2050Controversy in Art3
ARTH 2070Art and the Body3
ARTH 2100Art of Jerusalem and Three Faiths: Past and Present3
ARTH 2120Art in Africa3
ARTH 2140Islamic Art and Society3
ARTH 2150Saints in Art3
ARTH 2200Art in Rome3
ARTH 2220African American Art3
ARTH 2300Ancient Art Survey3
ARTH 2320Art of the African Diaspora3
ARTH 2350Excavating Culture of Three Faiths3
ARTH 2450Art of Pilgrimage and Crusades3
ARTH 2500Early Renaissance Art in Italy3
ARTH 2510High Renaissance Art in Italy3
ARTH 2520Art of Nobles and Merchants in the Northern Renaissance3
ARTH 3520Art North Renaissance: Adv Art of Nobles & Merchants in the Northern Renaissance: Advanced3
ARTH 2700American Art: Colonial to WW II3
ARTH 2710American Art: WWII to the Present3
ARTH 2750Nineteenth-Century Art Nineteenth-Century Art3
ARTH 2800Modern Art3
ARTH 3140Islamic Art and Society: Advanced3
ARTH 3450Art of Pilgrimage and Crusades: Advanced Studies3
ARTH 3500Early Renaissance Art in Italy: Advanced3
ARTH 3510High Renaissance Art Italy: Advanced3
ARTH 3700American Art: Colonial to WWII: Advanced Studies3
ARTH 3880History of Photography3
ASTD 2100Studies in American Photography3
CMM 1400Film Criticism3
DANC 2000Dance: Ballet, Modern, & Jazz3
DANC 2310Modern Dance/Modern Movement3
MUSC 1000Approaching the Arts: Music3
MUSC 1100Music Fundamentals3
MUSC 1150History of Jazz3
MUSC 1170World Music3
MUSC 1180Music of the African Diaspora3
MUSC 1190American Musical Mosaic: Songs of an Immigrant Nation3
MUSC 1260Class Piano I1
MUSC 1270Class Piano II1
MUSC 1400Lower Division Class Music1-2
MUSC 2010Applied Music: Voice1-2
MUSC 2020Applied Music: Piano1-2
MUSC 2030Applied Music: Guitar1-2
MUSC 2040Applied Music: Woodwinds1-2
MUSC 2050Applied Music: Brass1-2
MUSC 2060Applied Music: Strings1-2
MUSC 2070Applied Music: Percussion1-2
MUSC 2270Music Theory I3
MUSC 2500Class Piano III1
MUSC 2510Class Piano IV1
MUSC 3300History of Music I3
MUSC 3310History of Music II3
MUSC 3420University Chorale0-1
MUSC 3440University Mastersingers0-1
MUSC 3450Jazz Ensemble0-1
MUSC 3460String Ensembles0-1
MUSC 3470Pep Band0-0.5
MUSC 3480Guitar Ensemble0-1
MUSC 3490Concert Band0-1
MUSC 3500Piano Ensemble0-1
RUSS 3350Chekhov as Dramatist: Performance, Adaptations, and Intermedial Transpositions3
THR 1000Approaching the Arts: Theatre3
THR 1500Introduction to Theatre3
THR 2510Acting I: Fundamentals3
THR 2700Exploring U.S. Diversity in Theatre3