Foreign Language (0-9 credits)

The foreign language requirement of the core will be satisfied when you achieve of an intermediate level of proficiency in a language other than English. You may transfer appropriate academic credit.

Courses that count toward this core requirement include:

CHIN 2010Intermediate Chinese I3
GK 2010Intermediate Greek Lang & Lit3
LATN 2010Intermediate Latin: Language & Literature3
FREN 2010Intermediate French Language & Culture3
GR 2010Intermediate German: Language & Culture3
ITAL 2010Intermediate Italian: Language & Culture3
RUSS 2010Intermediate Russian: Language and Culture3
SPAN 2010Inter Spanish: Lang & Culture3

Students majoring in the natural sciences (biology, chemistry, geology, geophysics, meteorology and physics) have the option of taking a third semester of a language (XX-2010) or CSCI 1060 Introduction to Computer Science: Scientific Programming (3 cr) or CSCI 1300 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (4 cr), which are scientifically oriented computer language courses.

The foreign language requirement may also be satisfied by a minimum of one semester's study in a foreign country at a college/university where a language courses are taught in a language other than English.

SLU Language Lab placement tests do not satisfy this requirement but language proficiency can be shown with approved scores on certain exams.

For more information, view the College's language proficiency policy.