Diversity in the U.S. (3 credits)

You must complete one three-credit course from the Diversity in the U.S. from the following: 

AAM 2000Freedom Dreams: Intro to African American Studies3
AAM 2010Contemporary Black America3
AAM 2220Introduction to African-American Art3
AAM 2500Intergroup Dialogue3
AAM 2900Intergroup Dialogue: Black Male Identity3
AAM 4340African American Psychology3
AAM 4330Psychology of Oppression3
AAM 4810Philosophy and Race3
AAM 4900Black Women in Society3
ANTH 3290Native Peoples of North America3
ARTH 1070American Masterpieces in Art3
ARTH 2220African American Art3
ASTD 2400Immigration in U.S. History and Culture3
ASTD 3200The Urban Crisis3
ASTD 3600American Food and Cultures3
ASTD 1000Investigating America: An Introduction to American Studies0,3
ASTD 2600American Places0,3
ASTD 2700Gender, Race, Social Justice0,3
ASTD 2800Sports in American Culture3
ASTD 3000American Decades3
ASTD 3050American Soundscapes3
ASTD 3100Making the American City: Culture, Space, & 20th-century U.S. Urbanisms3
ASTD 3020American Mosaic: Literature & Diversity3
CCJ 2250Institutional & Community Corrections3
CMM 2300Intergroup Dialogue3
CMM 3300Intercultural Communication3
CMM 4300Gender and Communication3
CMM 4320Communicating Across Racial Divisions3
CMM 4350Stereotyping and Bias in the Mass Media3
CSDI 3000Cultural Linguistic Diversity3
ENGL 3280American Literatures after 18650,3
ENGL 3520African American Literary Traditions II: After 19003
ENGL 3550Native American Literature3
ENGL 3560Ethnic American Literature3
ENGL 3240Reading the Female Bildungsroman3
HCE 3100Public Health & Social Justice3
HCE 4260Race and Research Ethics3
HIST 3500Progressive Era to the Jazz Age, 1890-19203
HIST 3580American Slavery3
HIST 3640History of the American West3
MUSC 1180Music of the African Diaspora3
MUSC 1190American Musical Mosaic: Songs of an Immigrant Nation3
PHIL 4320Feminism and the History of Ethics3
PHIL 4810Philosophy of Feminism3
PHIL 4820Philosophy and Race3
POLS 2010Ethics and Politics3
POLS 2150Race and Politics3
POLS 2200U.S. State and Urban Politics3
POLS 2220State and Local Politics3
POLS 2710Theories of Justice3
POLS 3130Civil Liberties and Civil Rights3
POLS 3770Feminist Theory: Gender Justice3
POLS 3800The Structure of Poverty: Globally and Locally3
POLS 3330Metropolitan Environment3
POLS 4710Citizenship and Social Difference3
PSY 4330Psychology of Oppression3
PSY 4340African American Psychology3
SOC 1110Introduction to Sociology: Diversity Emphasis3
SOC 1120Introduction to Sociology: Diversity and Health Emphasis3
SOC 1500The Urban Community: Race, Class, and Spatial Justice3
SOC 2110Sociology of Sport3
SOC 2480Drugs and Society: Legal and Medical Implications of the "War on Drugs"3
SOC 3220Urban Sociology3
SOC 3430Marriage and the Family3
THR 2700Exploring U.S. Diversity in Theatre3
SWRK 3200Dismantling Oppression: Exploring Equity & Inclusion3
WGST 1900Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies3
WGST 3300Intercultural Communication3
WGST 3430Marriage and the Family3
WGST 3775Feminist Theory-Gender Justice3
WGST 4200Psychology of Women3
WGST 4300Gender & Communication3
WGST 4330Psychology of Oppression3
WGST 4800Black Women in Society3
WGST 4810Philosophy of Feminism3