Foreign Language (0-6 credits)

Bachelor of Science students in the College of Arts and Sciences must show foreign language proficiency through second course level in any of the following:

AR 1020Communicating in Arabic II3
CHIN 1020Communicating In Chinese II3
GK 1020Reading Greek II3
LATN 1020Reading Latin II3
FREN 1020Communicating in French II3
GR 1020Communicating in German II3
ITAL 1020Communicating in Italian II3
RUSS 1020Communicating in Russian II3
SPAN 1020Communicating in Spanish II3
SPAN 1200Accelerated Review of Spanish for the Health Professionals4

 The foreign language requirement may also be satisfied by a minimum of one semester's study in a foreign country at a college/university where classes are taught in a language other than English.

SLU Language Lab placement tests do not satisfy this requirement but language proficiency can be shown with approved scores on certain exams. 

For more information, view the College's language proficiency policy.