Global Citizenship (3 credits)

Students must complete one three-credit course from the following:

AAM 2320Art of the African Diaspora3
AAM 2120Survey of Art in Africa since Prehistory3
ANTH 1200Introduction to Anthropology3
ANTH 2080Urban Issues: Poverty and Unemployment3
ANTH 2200Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH 2400Linguistic Anthropology3
ANTH 2460Global Mental Health3
ANTH 4530Urban Ethnography: Cities in a Global Perspective3
ARTH 1090Global Masterpieces in Art3
ARTH 2100Art of Jerusalem and Three Faiths: Past and Present3
ARTH 2120Art in Africa Art in Africa Art in Africa3
ARTH 2140Islamic Art and Society3
ARTH 2320Art of the African Diaspora3
ARTH 2350Excavating Culture of Three Faiths3
ARTH 3140Islamic Art and Society: Advanced3
ASTD 2200American Homefronts, Global Wars3
ASTD 2300Americans Abroad3
ASTD 3040Religion and U.S. Global Activism3
BIOL 3280Ethnobotany3
CMM 4460Global Media3
EAS 1090Climate Change3
ENGL 3500Literature of the Postcolonial World0,3
ENGL 3540Literature of the African Diaspora3
ENGL 3310World Literary Traditions I3
ENGL 3330World Literary Traditions III3
ENGL 4680Major Post-Colonial Writers3
FREN 4180French and International Relations: Global Simulation3
FREN 4380Hugo and the Misérables3
FREN 4610French Cinema3
FREN 4670Postcolonialism and Violence, Issues of Representation in Francophone Culture, Literature and Film3
FREN 4870Exoticism in French Literature3
GR 4350 German Cinema--in German3
GR 4351German Cinema--in English3
ITAL 3300Madonnas, Witches, Rebels: Women and Gender in Italy3
ITAL 3450Mafia and Antimafia in Italian Culture: Perceptions, Representations, Experiences3
ITAL 3650Italy Beyond Borders: Social Justice in Modern Italian Culture3
ITAL 3700Global Italy: Migration and Multiculturalism3
LAS 3000Introduction to Latin American Studies3
LLC 3250Migrants and Borders on Screen: The Cinema of Migration in Mediterranean Europe3
MUSC 1170World Music3
PHIL 3420Environmental and Ecological Ethics3
PHIL 3490Jewish Life: Middle Ages to Modern Times3
POLS 1510Politics of Developing World3
POLS 1540Blood and Money: Ethnic War3
POLS 1600Introduction to International Politics3-4
POLS 2520Introduction to African Politics3
POLS 2530Soviet and Post Soviet Politics3
POLS 2550Political Systems of the Sub-Sahara3
POLS 2560The Politics of Asia3
POLS 2570Introduction to Latin American Politics3
POLS 2600Introduction to International Political Economy3
POLS 2590Politics of the Middle East and North Africa3
POLS 3500East Asian Political Economy3
POLS 3520Communism, Capitalism and Social Justice3
POLS 3600Problems of Globalization3
POLS 3650International Relations of Africa3
PSY 4270Cross-Cultural Psychology of Human Development3
PUBH 2100Introduction to Global Health3
RUSS 3250Russia From Peter to Putin: Imperial, Soviet, and Post-Soviet Culture3
SOC 1180World Geography3
SOC 3180Immigration3
SPAN 4350Counter Hegemony Discourses in Latin America3
SPAN 4380Cultural Stereotypes: Latin Am3
SPAN 4400Strangers in a Familiar Land: Displacements in Latin America3
THEO 2710Religions of the World3
WGST 4860Global & Transnational Feminism3