Literature (3 credits)

All Bachelor of Science students in the College of Arts and Sciences must complete a three-hour literature course chosen from one of the following:

Any 3000- or 4000-level English literature course, except ENGL 3850-3870: Writing and Rhetoric, ENGL 4000-4040: Upper Level Writing and Rhetoric, or ENGL 4100-4120: Language Studies3
A 3000- or 4000-level foreign literature course taught in the original language3
A 3000- or 4000-level Greek or Latin literature course with readings in the original language3
ASTD 3020American Mosaic: Literature & Diversity3
ITAL 3450Mafia and Antimafia in Italian Culture: Perceptions, Representations, Experiences3
ITAL 3550Women, Knights, Weapons & Love: Medieval and Renaissance Italian Literature3
ITAL 3601Eros, Power and Play: Pre-Modern Italian Theatre - Major/Minor3
ITAL 3650Italy Beyond Borders: Social Justice in Modern Italian Culture3
ITAL 3700Global Italy: Migration and Multiculturalism3
RUSS 3330Lev Tolstoy: Writer, Soldier, Lover, Activist3
RUSS 3360In Prisons Dark: Confinement Literature in the Russian and Soviet Empires3
RUSS 3350Chekhov as Dramatist: Performance, Adaptations, and Intermedial Transpositions3
RUSS 3440Art, Media, & Power in Post-Soviet Russia3

International students can also satisfy the literature requirement by either taking a course in the English department or an upper division foreign language literature course.