Geology, Minor

Geology minors at Saint Louis University explore the field-oriented science by mapping and analyzing rocks, deciphering the Earth’s history from the rock record, locating natural resources, identifying natural and man-made hazards, and understanding Earth’s natural processes. 

Students who minor in geology at SLU study the Earth as they investigate and try to understand geological phenomenons like volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, landslides, erosion and plate tectonics.

Required Courses
EAS 1430
EAS 1435
Introduction to the Solid Earth
and Introduction to the Solid Earth Lab
EAS 1030Earth's Dynamic Environment II3
EAS 1455Intro to Oceanography Lab1
EAS 2200
EAS 2205
and Mineralogy Lab
EAS 2400Field Techniques in the Geosciences3
Minor Elective Courses
Select six to eight credits of the following:6-8
Earth History
Computer Applications in Earth Science
Petrology Lab
Surface Processes
Structural Geology
Structural Geology Laboratory
Earth Dynamics
Total Credits21-23

Continuation Standards

Students with a minor in geology must maintain a 2.00 GPA in their minor coursework.