Anatomy-Medical School (A)

A 0100 - Introduction to Clinical Anatomy

Credit(s): 6-10 Credits

Anatomy is the cornerstone of medicine. Clinical procedures, both diagnostic and therapeutic, are the practical applications of our understanding of the structure and function of the human body.<p> Introduction to Clinical Anatomy is designed to provide medical students with the foundation needed for professional training, through the detailed study of human gross anatomy. The study of the structure of the human body and descriptive anatomic terminology will provide a foundation for the evaluation of patient symptoms and the overall clinical practice of medicine. The anatomic relationships of key structures in human anatomy will be emphasized during the cadaveric dissection.

A 0405 - Microsurgery

Credit(s): 4 Credits

The course will introduce the students to microsurgery both experimental and clinical. The student will be given the opportunity to learn microsurgical techniques in the laboratory and to participate in microsurgical procedures in the operating room.

A 0406 - Cross Sectional Anatomy

Credit(s): 2-12 Credits

The elective is a self-directed elective designed for Phase 3 medical students who wish to study cross sectional anatomy in order to improve their understanding CTs and MRIs. The student will study actual cross sections using computer programs, and selected web sites of the region(s) of the body that are of interest as well as study wet cross sections in the laboratory. Using both the computer programs and web sites will enhance the student's ability to read clinical relevant radiographic films. Each student will develop a case study and present a cadaver demonstration to high school students or the equivalent.