Cell And Molecular Biology (CMB)

CMB 0100 - Cell and Molecular Biology

Credit(s): 2-12 Credits

Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) stresses the fundamental underlying concepts of cell and tissue histology, cellular physiology, biochemistry and genetics. One aim of this course to is to provide the student with fundamental skills that they will use to understand more complex histologic and physiologic principles they will encounter in later courses throughout the first and second year curricula. A second aim is to acquaint students with basic metabolic pathways that influence normal cell and tissue homeostasis. A third aim is to acquaint students to the complexities of genetics and how genetics influences normal and abnormal developmental processes. Clinical correlations will emphasize the relevance of disruptions in these systems. In CMB students will be introduced to problem based learning. Each student will be assigned to a small group of ten students who will work together with a faculty facilitator to cover 4 clinical cases. Each case will have 3 parts to it. These sessions will meet on Tuesday and Friday afternoons (check your syllabus for exact times). Your group assignment and your faculty facilitator's information are included in your syllabus materials. Participation in these activities is required and will count towards 30% of the student's final grade.