Biomedical Engineering, Minor

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The minor requires 18 credits of coursework including a course in physiology (e.g., BIOL 2600 Human Physiology (3 cr), PPY 2540 Human Physiology (4 cr) or BME 2200 Applied Physiology for Engineers (3 cr)) and at least five BME courses. At least three of the BME courses must be selected at the 4000-level, i.e., from the Advanced BME courses.

To initiate a Minor in BME, a student should file a "Minor in BME" plan with the BME Department after meeting with a BME Faculty member to discuss the minor courses and their prerequisites. The "Minor in BME" form serves as a planning tool and that will be on file in the BME Department and with the student's academic advisor in the major area. The completion of a Minor in BME must be certified by the Chair of the BME Department as part of the graduation check.

Continuation Standards

  • The grades in all BME minor courses must be C or better.  
  • Students must maintain a minimum 2.00 GPA.