Academic Amnesty

Academic amnesty permits former Saint Louis University undergraduate students an opportunity to reenroll without the burden of past academic difficulties by removing prior grades, from up to two semesters, from their grade point average (GPA).

To request academic amnesty students must submit a completed Petition for Revision of Academic Record and a Petition for Academic Amnesty to their academic dean’s office.

To be eligible for academic amnesty students:

  • may not have attended Saint Louis University for a period of the last three years,
  • must be readmitted to degree-seeking program at Saint Louis University,
  • must not have received a bachelor degree from Saint Louis University,
  • must meet catalog requirements for the term they are readmitted, and
  • may not have previously been granted academic amnesty.

If students are granted academic amnesty:

  • it is irrevocable,
  • it applies to all courses and credits taken during the chosen one or two semester(s),
  • it does not erase courses or credits from students’ records, and
  • it removes grades from the grade point average (GPA) with transcript notation. Additionally, the courses and credits may not be applied toward graduation.

Note: Students receiving financial aid need to verify with the Office of Student Financial Services whether academic amnesty will affect their eligibility status.