Transfer Applicants

Academic Requirements for Admission

Students who have attempted post-secondary coursework after completing high school are classified as transfer applicants. This policy does not include any advanced college credit earned in high school. 

For most programs of study, letters of recommendation and other supporting materials are optional; however, if deemed necessary for admission consideration, a request will be made for any or all of the following: high school transcript, personal statement, personal interview and letters of recommendation.

There are specific GPA requirements that an applicant must meet to be considered for admission to specific academic programs of study. Please consult the particular college’s section for these requirements.

Application Procedures

The following must be submitted before a transfer applicant can be considered for admission:

  • An application for admission completed through:
  • Official transcripts from all prior post-secondary institutions, sent directly to SLU's Office of Admission.
    • Students who have completed fewer than 24 credits of transferable college credit or graduated high school within a year of the term for which they are applying must submit an official high school transcript. Standardized test scores (ACT or SAT) are optional. Applicants who choose to submit ACT and/or SAT scores can have them sent electronically from the testing company or include them on official high school transcripts. Self-reported scores will also be considered.

Application Policies

Applicants who fail to declare previous college attendance will be subject to dismissal from the University.

Applicants who are currently attending another college or university and are offered admission to Saint Louis University are admitted with the provision that the transfer admission requirements are maintained prior to enrollment at SLU. A final transcript showing all grades must be submitted at the conclusion of the semester or term.

Degree-seeking candidates will receive an evaluation of their transferable coursework after receiving their admission letter.