5.6 Residence Hall Community Living Standards

Saint Louis University Residence Life Community Living Principles

As a Student living on campus, and as a Student in our residential community, your participation is a vital and important contribution in enhancing the community and the SLU experience.

As a Member of Our Community, You Will Experience

A residential community that creates and promotes community responsibility, understanding of self and others, intellectual curiosity, and wellness. By living in the residential community, you will experience social and educational opportunities that will enhance your SLU experience.

A residential community that establishes relationships that will remain beyond your SLU experience. A community that creates a learning environment outside of the classroom that engages you in discussion and challenges you to explore yourself and the world around you. A community that is disciplined, compassionate, just, and able to promote mutual respect. A community that fosters bonds that will strengthen the community and its members.

A personal residential space for you to relax, refresh and reflect on your SLU experiences and to give you the energy to go out into the community to live out the University Mission of being for and with others.

As a member of your residential community, we hope you embrace the principles of respect, civility, fairness, and support the common good for the entire community.

To maintain a unique community living experience you as a member are expected to exercise responsibility and abide by established community standards.

Community standards are designed to promote and preserve an atmosphere conducive to community living. Community standards are developed by all residents as a collective unit within the first week of the fall semester and will be posted on the floor. All residents are responsible for knowing and adhering to these standards. Additionally, roommates will create a roommate or apartment agreement at the beginning of the academic year. This agreement is to be adhered to by the occupants of the room and guests of the room. All agreements are supplemental to the University Community Standards and the Housing Contract. Students who are found responsible for violations of these Community Living Policies, as outlined below, may incur fines/fees and/or housing contract changes, including relocation or revocation of the housing contract. When a student is removed or relocated from their housing assignment as required by an outcome of a Community Standards process, the Student forfeits any refund or reimbursement, as outlined in the Housing Contract.

To review their Housing Contract, students should access their Student Housing Portal in the Tools section of their mySLU and click on the application link they would like to review.