Inter-University Program Registration

Saint Louis University students may cross-register for undergraduate courses at other institutions included in the inter-university agreements under the following conditions:

  • The student is full-time and in good academic standing.
  • The course is not available at Saint Louis University.
  • The course is required or recommended for the student’s major or minor (including prerequisites).
  • The course is approved by the Saint Louis University advisor, department chair and dean.
  • Tuition for the course is paid to Saint Louis University at its rates.
  • Grades earned under these conditions will be computed into the student’s semester and cumulative GPAs.

A maximum of the equivalent of one three-credit course may be taken at the “visited” institution per academic term, and not more than six credits per degree program.

Students will be responsible for any additional course fees assessed by the “visited” institution.

Students from other institutions cross-registering for undergraduate courses at Saint Louis University must be full-time and in good standing at the home institution.

Both Saint Louis University students, and students from other institutions, must obtain permission to participate in this program by completing an Inter-University Program - Registration Form. This form is available in the home registrar’s office.

This form requires the signatures of their dean at the student’s home institution and the signature of the instructor or department at the university where the course is offered. When this form is completed it should be returned to the office of the university registrar at your home institution who will complete the registration process for the student.

Note: Some colleges/schools within the participating universities may not be available in this program. Check with the registrar’s office at the institution students wish to visit.

Through special arrangements with the University, Aquinas Institute's (AI) graduate courses are directly accessible to students. Enrollments by students in AI coursework should be limited, the transfer-of-credit guidelines apply, and such registrations are to be monitored by the major fields.