2.6 Residence Hall, University Apartments, and University-Managed Rules and Regulations

Students and guests in the residence halls/apartments and/or University-owned/managed housing, when guests are permitted, are subject to the rules and policies appearing in the Residence Life Handbook (Section 5.0), Residence Hall/Apartment Contract, and the Community Standards. Individual floors and halls/apartments also have authority to formulate standards of behavior for the residents in addition to those contained herein, subject to the approval of the Director of Housing and Residence Life and are incorporated herein. These policies will be established using the processes and criteria published by the Department of Housing and Residence Life. Every effort will be made to give advance notice regarding floor and hall/apartment policy changes prior to becoming effective. In the event of a conflict between any floor or hall policy and those policies contained in the Community Standards or elsewhere, the more stringent policy will take precedence.