BIZ 2200Leadership, Service and Groups1
CIS 4800Computer Information Systems Capstone Experience3
CORE 2510VITAS - Vocational Inquiry Through Advocacy and Service1
CMM 4820Community-based Inquiry3
EDL 3892Leadership and Service Seminar3
EMGT 4800Emergency Management Capstone3
HCE 4240Ethics and Geriatric Care3
HCE 4520Ethics and Practice of Community Mental Health Care3
HUM 4800General Studies Capstone3
IPE 4900Interprofessional Community Practicum2
LLC 3210Social Justice in the Jewish Tradition3
ORLD 4800Leadership and Organizational Behavior Capstone3
PMGT 4800Project-Contract Management Capstone3
SLHS 4700Clinical Practicum1
SPAN 4150Spanish for the Health Professions3
SSI 4800Security and Strategic Intelligence Capstone3
WGST 2700Feminisms in the U.S.: Intersectional Approaches3