Incomplete Course

A grade of an Incomplete (“I”) may be granted by an instructor only if:

  1. A Petition for Course Extension is submitted before the date final grades are due.
  2. The student is passing at the time of the request.
  3. The student has satisfactorily completed a substantial part of the coursework (i.e., approximately 2/3).

Even when the above criteria have been met, whether to grant the Incomplete or not is left to the discretion of the instructor. An Incomplete may not be appropriate in courses requiring a high degree of class participation/attendance.


  • The Petition for Course Extension is initiated by the student in consultation with the instructor. If the student is incapacitated, the instructor may work with their dean’s office on behalf of the student.
  • The maximum period of time to accomplish Incomplete coursework is one year. Instructors may set a deadline of less than one year.   
  • A student will be dropped from all courses for which an incomplete course is a prerequisite if a grade is not submitted prior to the first day of the course’s term.
  • An “I” grade converts to a grade of “F” if coursework is not completed by the deadline indicated on the Petition for Course Extension.  Once an “I” grade has converted to an “F” the “F” may not be revised by the instructor but must be appealed through the Academic Records Revision Committee.  

    Note: Courses with approved extensions for a graduating student must be completed and graded within 30 calendar days of the published conferral date.


  • Students should not request, nor should an instructor grant, an Incomplete if the student needs to “sit in on” or retake the entire course or the majority of the coursework. Such students should withdraw from the course in order to retake it later. Students who do not officially withdraw from a course must be assigned a grade to reflect the amount of coursework submitted relative to all course requirements. For example, if a student misses a final exam they will have earned 0 points for the final exam.
  • Students should consider the potential difficulties in completing Incomplete coursework in a timely manner.
  • Students should consider the potentially negative implications of an Incomplete on financial aid, scholarship eligibility, visa status, athletic standing, military benefit eligibility, overall academic standing, etc.
  • Graduating students should request an Incomplete only under extreme circumstances. Degree conferral will not occur until the “I” is resolved.
  • Students on academic probation should discuss the implications of an Incomplete with their academic advisor in advance of submitting the Petition for Course Extension.