3.5 Space Reservation

Chartered Student Organizations are encouraged to take advantage of the available facilities for meetings and activities. When adequate or appropriate space or campus facilities are not available, community facilities may be sought.

The following procedure covers the use of all University facilities, such as, but not limited to, Busch Student Center, academic facilities, etc., by Chartered Student Organizations for business meetings and/or all other activities. Use of community or off campus facilities is the responsibility of the Students involved. While no listing of approved facilities is maintained, assistance in locating facilities may be available in the Student Involvement Center.

  1. Residence hall common areas are available to Student Organizations with prior approval from appropriate personnel in the Department of Housing and Residence Life.
  2. When rental fees are applicable, payment must be made by interdepartmental order (IDO) or a check made payable to Saint Louis University. This payment must accompany the reservation and will be returned if the reservation is canceled.
  3. After satisfactory registration and reservation of space, requests for food and beverages must be made with a representative of CaterSLU, Busch Student Center, (314) 977-1559.
  4. Particular policies governing the cancellation of facility reservations are at the discretion of the chief administrator of the particular facility and will be explained at the time the reservation is made.