Spanish, B.A. to Spanish Education, M.A. Accelerated Program

Saint Louis University’s Spanish B.A. to Spanish Education M.A. accelerated program offers qualified Spanish majors the opportunity of beginning work toward the master's degree in Spanish education while completing the requirements for the bachelor's, thereby reducing the time needed to earn the master's degree.

Students will be eligible to apply for the accelerated program after 45 undergraduate hours and a GPA of at least 3.00 in their Spanish coursework. It is recommended that students apply to and enter the accelerated program by the second semester of their junior year.

For additional information, see the catalog entries for the following SLU programs:

Spanish, B.A.

Spanish Education, M.A.

Admission Requirements

- Applicants will have a GPA of at least 3.00 in their Spanish coursework.
- A Professional Goal Statement.
- Writing Sample.
- Curriculum Vitae.
- Interview in Spanish.
- Names of at least 3 members of LRC with whom the student has taken a 3xxx or 4xxx course.

Program Requirements

In the accelerated program, student progress is monitored by the Spanish Undergraduate Program Coordinator, the Spanish Graduate Program Coordinator, and the student’s mentor. Students in the accelerated program can take up to 15 credits of graduate coursework from the Spanish Education, M.A. that can count towards the Spanish, B.A. requirements their senior year. Students are limited to taking no more than 15 credits total between undergraduate and graduate coursework the fall and spring semesters of their senior year. 

Continuation Standards

1. For the B.A. degree, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 (C) and a GPA of at least 3.00 (B) in their coursework in Spanish.
2. A grade of at least “B” is required, in graduate courses taken as an undergraduate, in order for that course to be counted for the M.A. degree. If the grade is lower than a B (but not lower than a C), the 5000-level course can still count towards the B.A., but not towards the M.A.
3. For the M.A. degree, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.00 (B) and a GPA of at least 3.00 (B) in their coursework in Spanish.

While students in the accelerated B.A. to M.A. (ABM) program retain undergraduate status, the policies for continuation in the program will mirror those already in place for continuation in the bachelor’s program, except that they must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA in both the major and overall transcript with no more than one grade of C or below and carry no more than one incomplete grade [I] or missing grade into a new semester. Students who drop below these standards while in the ABM program would be able to seek a one-semester probationary period before being dropped from the ABM program. Once formally becoming an M.A. student, the continuation standards of that program would apply.

Important Notes

EDI 5820 Field Experience 1 World Languages (1 cr) [see Road Map: 1 credit, Semester 7] will not count down towards the 120 credits needed for the undergraduate degree but will count toward the Graduate degree.  The Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs will need to approve the ABM student to take this and other graduate courses while the student is still classified as an undergraduate student.

Roadmaps are recommended semester-by-semester plans of study for programs and assume full-time enrollment unless otherwise noted.  

Courses and milestones designated as critical (marked with !) must be completed in the semester listed to ensure a timely graduation. Transfer credit may change the roadmap.

This roadmap should not be used in the place of regular academic advising appointments. All students are encouraged to meet with their advisor/mentor each semester. Requirements, course availability and sequencing are subject to change.

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
SPAN 1010 Spanish for Beginners 3
CORE 1500 Cura Personalis 1: Self in Community 1
CORE 1000 Ignite First Year Seminar 3
CORE 1900 Eloquentia Perfecta 1: Written and Visual Communication 3
CORE 1700 Ultimate Questions: Philosophy 3
General Elective 3
SPAN 1020 Exploring the Hispanic World: Beginning Spanish 3
CORE 1600 Ultimate Questions: Theology 3
CORE 3200 Ways of Thinking: Quantitative Reasoning 3
General Electives 6
Year Two
SPAN 2010 Connecting with the Hispanic World: Intermediate Spanish 1 3
CORE 2500 Cura Personalis 2: Self in Contemplation 0
CORE 3800 Ways of Thinking: Natural and Applied Sciences 3
General Electives 9
SPAN 3010 Connecting with the Hispanic World: Intermediate Spanish II 3
SPAN 3020 Eloquent Communication in Spanish 3
CORE 3400 Ways of Thinking: Aesthetics, History, and Culture 3
General Electives 6
Year Three
CORE Equity and Global Identities: Global Interdependence (ask your Spanish Mentor for SPAN courses that satisfy this requirement) 3
CORE 2800 Eloquentia Perfecta 3: Creative Expression 3
CORE 3600 Ways of Thinking: Social and Behavioral Sciences 3
SPAN 4XXX Spanish Elective 3
SPAN 4XXX Spanish Elective 3
COREEquity and Global Identities: Identities in Context (SPAN 4790 satisfies this requirement) 3
CORE 3500 Cura Personalis 3: Self in the World 1
CORE Eloquentia Perfecta 4: Writing Intensive 3
General Elective 3
Year Four
SPAN 5041 Methods of Teaching Spanish I: Best Practices and Cultural Diversity in the Classroom 3
SPAN 5XXX Spanish Elective 3
EDI 5820 Field Experience 1 World Languages 1
CORE 4000 Collaborative Inquiry 3
CORE 4500 Reflection-in-Action 0
CORE Equity and Global Identities: Dignity, Ethics, and a Just Society 3
General Elective 3
SPAN 5XXX Spanish Elective 3
SPAN 5XXX Spanish Elective 3
EDSP 4240 Classroom Organization and Management (Early Childhood, ECSE, Elementary, Special Education) 3
General Electives 6
Year Five
EDSP 5310 Advanced Studies in Psych/Educ the Exceptional Child 3
EDF 5700 Advanced Growth and Development 3
EDI 5390 Teaching Reading: Contemporary Issues & Practices 3
SPAN 5042 Methods of Teaching Spanish II: Assessment and Language Learner Contexts 3
EDI 5825 Field Experience II World Languages 1
EDF 5600 Foundations of Urban Education 3
SPAN 5XXX Spanish Elective 3
EDI 5940 Supervised Practicum Choice of Elementary Middle or High School 8
Final Comprehensive Oral Exam  
 Total Credits150

Program Notes

EDI 5820 Field Experience 1 World Languages (1 cr) does not count toward the Spanish major OR the overall credit hours needed for the undergraduate degree. EDI 5820 would still be taken in semester seven and count toward the graduate degree, upon approval of the associate dean of Graduate Affairs.

In semesters one and two, students participate in first-year mentoring activities. In semesters three and four, students participate in second-year mentoring activities.

The schedule of courses will vary according to the student’s previous experience with the language and individual preferences.

For more information about SLU's Spanish, B.A. to Spanish Education, M.A. accelerated program, contact the Spanish graduate coordinator:

Christina Garcia, Ph.D.
Interim graduate coordinator, 2024-25