Philosophy, Minor

Saint Louis University offers a minor in philosophy that can be completed in 18 credits. 

A philosophy minor helps students with other majors explore their own meaning and purpose as well as the moral and conceptual foundations of their primary fields of study. 

Required Courses
PHIL 1050Introduction to Philosophy: Self and Reality3
or CORE 1700 Ultimate Questions: Philosophy
PHIL 2050Ethics3
Philosophy Electives
Select four 3000 or 4000 level courses.12
Total Credits18

Continuation Standards

Students must have a GPA of 2.00 in philosophy minor coursework to be retained in the minor.

Philosophy Electives 

Philosophy of Religion
Philosophy of the Human Person
Medical Ethics
Business Ethics
Ethics & Engineering
Environmental and Ecological Ethics
Philosophy of Law
Disaster Narratives
Jewish Life: Bible to Middle Ages
Jewish Life: Middle Ages to Modern Times
Philosophy in Film
Science and Religion
Special Topics
Independent Study
Symbolic Logic
Topics in Advanced Logic
Topics in Epistemology
Philosophy of Science
Philosophy and Physics
Gender and Science
Topics in Metaphysics
Philosophy of Mind
Biology and Mind
Topics in Ethics
Feminism and the History of Ethics
Survey of Social and Political Philosophy
Topics in Social & Political Philosophy
History of Ancient Greek Philosophy
Medieval Philosophy
Latin Paleography
History of Modern Philosophy
Topics Continental Philosophy
Philosophy of Karl Marx
Latin American Philosophy
Spanish Philosophy
Topics and Movements in Contemporary Philosophy
Philosophy of Feminism
Philosophy and Race
Catholic Social Thought
Topics in Philosophical Anthropology
Special Topics
Advanced Independent Study

Students can complete all or part of the philosophy minor at SLU’s campus in Madrid.

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