3.4 Registration of Programs and Events

The following policies and procedures cover the registration of programs and events of Student Organizations by the University. These policies and procedures supplement the general standards of good taste and etiquette that govern responsible social and educational events. Students are expected to maintain consideration for both personal and University interests in planning all activities. Those events that are registered and are thus sanctioned by the University are expected to comply with University policies and guidelines. Private behavior at functions of Chartered Student Organizations held off campus without the financial support or sanction of the University are the sole responsibility of the organization and its members. Events occurring on campus may be subject to metal detector "wanding" and persons may have their personal effects searched for illegal weapons.

  1. University-Sanctioned and Registered Student Events
    Registration of Student-sponsored programs and events provides for coordination of the use of University facilities and provides the opportunity for publicity for sanctioned University events on the All University Activities Calendar. Use of University facilities such as Busch Student Center, academic classrooms and auditoriums, Allied Health Multipurpose Room, DuBourg, Grand Hall, IL Monastero and Boileau Hall as well as all mall/quad areas of campus by Student groups require registration of the event through Event Services. All Student programs and events must be scheduled with Event Services.
    1. Programs approved by the Student Involvement Center must be registered with Event Services and include:
      1. Any event advertised and open to the campus and/or the general public.
      2. Any event sponsored by a Chartered Student Organization to which a guest speaker has been invited and which is open to the campus and/or the public.
      3. Any event using University funds or facilities at which alcoholic beverages are to be served or sold.
      4. Any event held on University mall/quad/outside areas by Student Organizations.
    2. Procedures for registration of Student Organizational meetings include:
      1. To use University premises and facilities: To reserve meeting space, organization officers should use “25Live”, the University’s event and reservation management software. This program can be found under “tool” in the mySLU portal. If you have questions about “25Live,” please contact the staff in Event Services at (314) 977-6338 (MEET).