Ways of Thinking: Natural and Applied Sciences

BIOL 1240General Biology: Information Flow and Evolution3
BIOL 1340Diversity of Life3
BIOL 1460Exercise and Health3
FRSC 2600Survey of Forensic Science3
DIET 2080Foundations in Nutrition2,3
PUBH 4100Biological Basis of Public Health3
CIS 1375Information Systems and Technology3
CHEM 1050Basic Chemistry3
CHEM 1080Principles of Chemistry 1 Lecture3
CHEM 1110General Chemistry 13
CHEM 1130General Chemistry 1 for Majors3
CSCI 1020Introduction to Computer Science: Bioinformatics3
EAS 1420Introduction to Atmospheric Science3
EAS 1430Introduction to the Solid Earth3
EAS 2700Sustainable Development in Latin America3