Asian Studies, Minor

Saint Louis University's Asian studies minor introduces students to the Chinese language and gives them insight into the cultures and history of Asia.

As a rising region of the world, Asia is generating many economic opportunities, undergoing demographic expansion and growing technological connectivity. SLU's 15-credit Asian studies minor is open to all majors but is especially complementary to those studying political science, international studies, Chinese, theology and international business.

This interdisciplinary program connects students to professors in departments across the University, including theology, history, film studies and business. 

Required Asian Language6
Students who demonstrate proficiency in an Asian language without formal language course credits may be exempt from the six-credit language requirement, but will be required to take 15 credits from the list of electives below. Proficiency in an Asian language is demonstrated via one of the standards outlined in the College of Arts and Sciences Policy for Proof of Foreign Language Proficiency. Other Asian languages may be substituted.
Elementary Chinese I: Language and Culture
Elementary Chinese II: Language and Culture
Intermediate Chinese I: Language and Culture
Intermediate Chinese II: Language and Culture
Proficiency in Chinese I: Language and Culture
Proficiency in Chinese II: Language and Culture
Elective Courses
Select three of the following elective courses. At least one elective must be at the 3000 or 4000 level. Students must take courses from at least two of the following three attributes.9
Asia in Comparison
Literature of the Postcolonial World
Contemporary Postcolonial Literature and Culture
Seminar in World History
The Politics of Asia
Comparative Religious Ethics
Religions of the World
Arts of Hinduism and Buddhism
Asian Business
East Asia
China and Japan To 1600: Histories, Cultures, Identities
China and Japan Since 1600: Samurai, Revolutionaries, Entrepreneurs
East Asian Political Economy
Intuition, Spontaneity, and Flow: Daoism in Comparative Context
Total Credits15

Continuation Standards

All Asian studies minor courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher to count for the minor and for the student to continue in the minor.

For more information:

Yun Lee, Ph.D.
     Program Director