Executive Education (EXEC)

EXEC 1000 - Web Globalization Management

Credit(s): 11 Credits

The Executive online Certificate in Web Globalization Management is for professionals involved with any aspect of conducting global business and e-commerce. The online program provides participants with the cutting edge skills to conduct international business in a networked global economy. Participants will learn strategies to leverage the web for tapping global markets, conducting international e-commerce, managing virtual teams, developing network alliances, getting high search engine rankings, attracting and retaining global consumers, achieving culturally consistent global communications, and much more.

EXEC 1001 - Sustainable Business Leadership

Credit(s): 3 Credits

Running a sustainable business is about more than considering your organization’s impact on the environment. It is about ethical leadership, innovative operations, responsible profitability, and creating practical solutions to complex problems for the benefit of the company and society. The online certificate in Sustainable Business Leadership equips students with the knowledge, tools, and techniques they need to thrive as leaders in the 21st Century economy. You will learn sustainable business leadership strategies and tactics, including how to make the business case for sustainability and how you can immediately begin applying the concepts of sustainability leadership to your organization. Offered every fall, spring and summer.

EXEC 1010 - Essentials - Web Globalization

Credit(s): 5 Credits

EXEC 1020 - Advanced Web Globalization

Credit(s): 6 Credits

EXEC 1030 - Certificate in Corporate Ethics and Compliance Management

Credit(s): 13 Credits

EXEC 1040 - On-line Certificate in Foundations of Business Ethics

Credit(s): 3 Credits