Post-Baccalaureate Course Work for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students may enroll in courses numbered 5000 and above provided all of the following conditions are met:

  1. Students must be classified as juniors or seniors. Please see the Classification policy for additional information.
  2. Prerequisites for each course in question must be fulfilled prior to the first meeting of the course.
  3. Students must have at least a 3.00 cumulative grade point average.
  4. Students total combined enrollment (undergraduate and post-baccalaureate) for the semester may not exceed the following course load:
    1. Fall or Spring: 15 credits or five courses, whichever is greater.
    2. Summer: 12 credits or four courses, whichever is greater
  5. Students must complete the Petition for Post-Baccalaureate Course Work.
  6. Students must receive approval from their college or school.

All credit earned for courses numbered 5000 and above that do not satisfy requirements for student’s undergraduate degree cannot be considered for federal financial eligibility purposes.

Grades for the courses numbered 5000 and above will be calculated in the cumulative undergraduate grade point average.

Note: Successful completion of approved post-baccalaureate coursework does not guarantee the student admission into the applicable advanced degree program or, in any way, amend the ordinary process of making application for classified or unclassified status in Graduate Education.