Cura Personalis: Self in Contemplation

Besides for-credit courses, there are approved co-curricular experiences that satisfy the Cura Personalis 2 (CORE 2500) requirement for the Saint Louis University Undergraduate Core. Please note that each experience has a separate sign-up process conducted by the sponsoring department — students do not register in this course.  For a full list of these co-curricular experiences see this website.

CORE 2500Cura Personalis 2: Self in Contemplation0
CORE 2510VITAS - Vocational Inquiry Through Advocacy and Service1
DPT 2213Professionalism and Physical Therapy Thought1
EDI 4361Art and Science of Human Flourishing3
EDL 3892Leadership and Service Seminar3
HCE 1700Death, Disability, Disease, and the Meaning of Life3
HR 4810Honors Teaching Assistantship1-3
HR 4820Honors Study Abroad1
OCS 1010Doing, Being, Becoming, and Belonging: Exploration of Self Through Occupation2
PHIL 1707The Examined Life: Philosophy as a Way of Life3
THEO 2110Introduction to the Old Testament3
THEO 2210Introduction to the New Testament3
THEO 2320Seeking God and Building Faith in the Middle Ages3
THEO 2430Jesus and Salvation3