Health Requirements Appendix

Saint Louis University Public Health Requirements and Recommendations

Saint Louis University follows public health guidelines set forth by local or regional Health Departments, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO). The Student Health Center (SHC) works with and follows these entities and will communicate all requirements and recommendations to Students. This can include updates on our website, phone calls, emails, letters, and can include direction for one Student, a group of Students, or all Students. The SHC maintains data on required immunizations and in the event of an outbreak may communicate different instructions to Students who are immunized and Students who were exempt from a particular requirement for immunization. The SHC professionals will ensure Students have the most accurate information to comply with requirements, or make informed decisions about recommendations. Requirements or recommendations can include, but are not limited to

  • staying home when sick (isolation),
  • staying home if there has been potential exposure to infectious disease (quarantine),
  • avoiding specific places, areas, or food,
  • reporting to the SHC for mass vaccination or screening, or
  • precautions Students can take to avoid illness while going about their lives.

The SHC provides all immunizations that are required by SLU or SLU programs as well as influenza, which is highly recommended. Students will be notified when the influenza vaccine becomes available each year. Students may also meet with a SHC provider before traveling internationally to discuss any immunizations or precautions that are required or recommended for their destination. Students may contact SHC for guidance at any time if they have questions about any requirement or recommendation communicated by SLU or any other source. Students can reach our 24-hour nurse advice line by calling our main number (314) 977-2323 and asking to be transferred to our on-call nurse.

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