Transfer Credit

Students who have completed graduate coursework prior to attending Saint Louis University may request an evaluation for transfer credit by submitting the Petition for Transfer of Graduate Credit.  

Transfer credit may not exceed 20% of total credits required for the degree program.  Exception: The School of Law allows up to 33% transfer credits toward the Juris Doctor.

Coursework may be considered for transfer credit if all of the following conditions are met:

  • The coursework is completed at a regionally accredited institution or dean’s office approved international institution.
  • The final grade received must have been B or higher.
  • The coursework did not count towards the graduation requirements of an awarded degree.

Students seeking to transfer coursework taken more than 5 years previously may, at the discretion of the dean’s office, be required to complete proficiency exams, take additional courses or repeat selected courses if the student’s ability to progress through the program of studies would be jeopardized without such remediation. This policy also may apply to coursework fewer than 5 years old for disciplines in which, in the judgment of the faculty and the dean’s office, the body of knowledge (or its interpretation) has undergone significant or rapid change.

Coursework accepted as transfer credit will appear on academic transcripts.

Courses transferred from other colleges/universities do not have quality points assigned; therefore do not apply toward a student’s GPA.