Students who have previously been admitted to a degree program and completed a minimum of one semester of coursework will be considered for readmission. Previous admission to Saint Louis University does not guarantee readmission.

Readmitted students are required to satisfy the degree requirements outlined in the catalog of their readmission semester.  

Readmitted students will have their time to degree deadline established at the time of readmission by the department and the dean’s office. Conditions of readmission will be communicated to the student.

Readmission requirements include a new graduate application and fee.

Students seeking to apply coursework taken more than five years previously may, at the discretion of the department, be required to complete proficiency exams, take additional courses or repeat selected courses if the student’s ability to progress through the program of studies would be jeopardized without such remediation. This policy also may apply to coursework fewer than five years old for disciplines in which, in the judgment of the faculty and the dean’s office, the body of knowledge (or its interpretation) has undergone significant or rapid change.