Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (B)

B 0105 - Metabolic Analyses by GC-MS

Credit(s): 3-6 Credits

The student will participate in the separation and identification of intermediary metabolites or cell membrane lipids by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. The instrument to be used is one of the most advanced analytical devices available today: the VG Trio-2 Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer Computer. The student will learn the type of techniques now used to prove, for example, that an athlete has used illicit steroids, a criminal has trafficked in controlled substances, or a newborn infant has a genetic metabolic defect. Specifically, the student will assist in the collection and preparation of clinical or research samples and synthesize appropriate standards relevant to our studies in nutritional assessment and genetic screening.

B 0303 - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Extramural Career Exploration

Credit(s): 1-12 Credits

B 0413 - Advanced Topics in Biomedical Research

Credit(s): 1 Credit

Students will read recent biomedical research literature. Students will summarize and communicate biomedical information in a clear, coherent written form for a lay audience.

B 0903 - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Research

Credit(s): 1-12 Credits (Repeatable for credit)

This course may be used to register for an Biochemistry elective. The elective experience must fulfill the requirements for a research elective. The location of the experience may be at a SLU SOM affiliate or at another health care institution.