University (UNIV)

UNIV 1020 - The First-Year Seminar-Madrid

0-1 Credits

Welcome to Saint Louis University. And to Madrid. A practical approach to the transitions that first-term students make at the Madrid campus. The course offers useful suggestions and mechanisms to respond to the pressures of meeting new people, living in a new culture (both that of the university and that of Spain), and making difficult and obvious or maybe not so obvious choices. The meetings connect students to University resources and introduce them to what to expect and not expect during their first few weeks on campus and in the most exciting city in Europe.

UNIV 2930 - Special Topics

1 or 4 Credits (Repeatable for credit)

Special Topics.

UNIV 3910 - Internship in Orientation Leadership

1 Credit (Repeatable for credit)

This course is an experiential education internship with the SLU 101 Summer Orientation program for selected SLU 101 Leaders. It is open to all disciplines and provides students with theoretical and skill-based knowledge to apply in leadership positions including student development theory, group management, role modeling, and other related issues.

Attributes: UUC:Reflection-in-Action

UNIV 3930 - Special Topics

1-3 Credits (Repeatable for credit)

Special topics course.

UNIV 4970 - Research Topics

1-3 Credits (Repeatable up to 12 credits)

Research Topics.

UNIV 5910 - Graduate Internship

1 Credit (Repeatable up to 6 credits)

Specific requirements vary depending on the site of the internship and the individual contract for that internship.