Media Production, Microcredential

This four-course microcredential will allow SLU students interested in media production to enhance their knowledge of different contexts for media production and become more capable of learning new technologies and skills in their careers.

Admission Requirements

For current, active Saint Louis University students wishing to declare a microcredential, complete the Update for Student Curriculum Record form

For non-Saint Louis University students, click here to apply as a Visiting/Non-Degree Seeking Student. 

  • Students will create digital messages relevant to the audience, purpose and context.
  • Students will apply ethical communication principles and practices.
  • Students will implement media production tools (video, audio, photography, graphic design) appropriately in digital media creation.
  • Students will plan and implement iterative, multi-version media projects that are progressively refined by external critique and personal reflection.
  • Students will reflect on the effectiveness of varied digital media strategies and tools for conveying information and crafting persuasive and accessible arguments.
  • Students will develop a portfolio of digital media work in their chosen discipline(s).
1 course with the CMM Production Course Req attribute at the 1000- or 2000- level3
1 course with the CMM Production Course Req attribute at the 3000- or 4000- level3
1 course with the CMM Production Course Req attribute at any level3
CMM 4500Digital Portfolios and Professional Practice3
Total Credits12

Communication Production Course Req attributed courses

CMM 1500Introduction to Digital Media Production3
CMM 2510Video Production and Design3
CMM 2550Photojournalism3
CMM 3120Media Scriptwriting3
CMM 3510Studio Production3
CMM 3530Documentary Production3
CMM 3560Publication Design3
CMM 4100Multiplatform Journalism3
CMM 4590Advanced Media Practicum3
CMM 4810Digital Storytelling3

For more information about microcredentials in communication, please contact:

Dan Kozlowski, Ph.D.
Associate professor; department chair