Health Insurance

Saint Louis University requires full-time, on-campus students to maintain health insurance during the academic year.

The University assesses a default fee for SLU Student Health Insurance (UHP) coverage to all full-time, on-campus students, which will be visible on your monthly statement. The charge will appear distinctly as "Health Insurance" on the student account.

To waive SLU Student Health Insurance (UHP) coverage (and it's related charge), students must access secure online waiver screens provided by Aetna Student Health, the UHP’s administrative partner. The waiver screens require students to enter their other (non-UHP) coverage details. UHP waivers must be completed online and within semester deadlines. This process may require submitting a copy (front and back) of a valid insurance card. Students must complete a waiver at least once each academic year.

Enrollment and waiver requests must be submitted and will not be accepted after the last day of a semester’s Open Enrollment Period. Throughout Open Enrollment Periods, reminders regarding the need to enroll or waive will be sent to students’ SLU email addresses. Students required to carry coverage who have not waived/enrolled by the applicable Open Enrollment Period deadlines will be automatically enrolled in the UHP and responsible for the related charges.  

All international students, scholars and their dependents must have adequate health insurance for the duration of their stay in the United States.