Women's and Gender Studies, Minor

Saint Louis University's minor in women's and gender studies can be relatively easy to combine with another major or additional minor.

Women's and gender studies elective courses are often cross-listed with other departments, enabling students to use one course to simultaneously fulfill requirements for both their women's and gender studies minor and their other major/minors.

To complete the minor, students take the introductory course options, take two courses from two of the four other distribution areas required for the major (Diversity and Identity; Praxis; Theory; Inquiry/Research Experience), and take three electives at the 2000-level or above from courses with either a WGST number, a WGST cross-listing or a WGST attribute.

The minor requires a total of 18 credits.  Courses may simultaneously count for multiple majors and minors, and for core requirements.  No single course can count for both a required course and an elective for a women's and gender studies major/minor.

Introductory Course
WGST 1900Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies3
Area Requirements
Select two courses (6 credit hours) from 2 of the 4 following areas:6
Diversity and Identity
Feminisms in the U.S.: Intersectional Approaches
Women and Gender in Global Film
Global & Transnational Feminism
Women's and Gender Studies Internship
Feminist Theory-Gender Justice
Feminist Theory: Gender Justice
Philosophy of Feminism
Junior/Senior Inquiry/Research Experience
Women's and Gender Studies Capstone
The Structure of Poverty, Globally and Locally
Elective Courses
Select a minimum of 9 credit hours at 2000-level or above with either a WGST number, a WGST cross-listing, or a WGST attribute. Accepted courses include:9
Gender, Identity & Literature
Men and Masculinities
Special Topics
Gender and Popular Culture
Mary and Her Sisters
Violence Against Women
Psychology of Oppression
Total Credits18

Continuation Standards

Students with a minor in women’s and gender studies must maintain a 2.00 GPA in women's and gender studies courses.

Students can complete all or part of the women’s and gender studies minor at SLU’s campus in Madrid.

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