Equity and Global Identities: Global Interdependence

ANTH 2080Urban Issues: Poverty and Unemployment3
ANTH 2200Cultural Anthropology3
ARTH 1010History of Western Art3
ARTH 1090Global Masterpieces in Art3
ARTH 2450Art of Pilgrimage and Crusades3
ARTH 3450Art of Pilgrimage and Crusades: Advanced Studies3
ENGL 3330World Literary Traditions III3
ENGL 3500Literature of the Postcolonial World3
HIST 1700China and Japan To 16003
IB 2000Introduction to International Business3
POLS 1540Blood and Money: Ethnic War3
POLS 1600Introduction to International Politics3-4
POLS 2530Soviet and Post Soviet Politics3
POLS 3520Communism, Capitalism and Social Justice3
SOC 1180World Geography3