Education, Minor

The education minor from Saint Louis University can complement any degree program and provides a basic foundation in education.

General knowledge in education is beneficial in stimulating an interest in key educational issues including equity in education, educational ethics, poverty and school safety. Courses addressing curriculum, instruction, assessment, leadership and ethics provide learners an introduction to the education process.

Most employment positions require employees to share their knowledge with others within and outside of the agency. Government, business, and nonprofit employees make educational decisions on a regular basis. Individuals can make well-informed, intelligent judgments regarding education if they have strong content knowledge backgrounds in the field of education.

As part of the minor program, learn from faculty in the School of Education who have K-12 teaching experience and care deeply about students. 

Required Courses:
EDF 2240Growth Development and Learning3
EDSP 4310Ed & Psych of the Exp Ind3
EDF 2010Foundations of Education3
Choose 1 Class from each category below:
Foundations and Leadership:3
Professional Ethics
School and Community
Leadership and Service Seminar
Children's Literature and Media
Creative Arts & Play
Methods of Technology Integration
School Curriculum and Instruction Pre-Kindergarten to 6th Grade
Classroom Organization and Management (Early Childhood, ECSE, Elementary, Special Education)
Classroom Organization and Management (Middle, Secondary and Special Education)
Cultural Competencies: 3
Culture and the Classroom
English Language Learners in the Mainstream Classroom
Families as Educational Partners
Total Credits18

Continuation Standards

Students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.00 for acceptance and continuation. Courses must be completed with no grade lower than a "C." A grade of “C-” does not satisfy the requirement.

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Saint Louis University School of Education