Project Management, Bachelor's to M.S. Accelerated Program

Saint Louis University's online accelerated bachelor's to master's program in project management is designed for working professionals pursuing a bachelor's degree in any School for Professional Studies degree program who have an interest in pursuing a Master of Science Project Management once they complete their undergraduate program.

This accelerated program allows undergraduate students to complete up to 12 graduate-level credits and have these credits count as undergraduate elective credits, and after successfully being accepted into an SPS graduate program, matriculate these credits towards the graduate program requirements.

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Undergraduate Programs

Project Management, M.S.

To participate in the bachelor’s to master’s roadmap, students must be in good standing at Saint Louis University and possess at least a 3.00 overall GPA and a 3.50 GPA in their current major. 

In addition:

  • Students must meet all course prerequisites prior to enrolling in any graduate-level coursework.
  • Students must petition, and be permitted by, the undergraduate program administrator and the respective School for Professional Studies program director to pursue the graduate-level coursework sought.

Students may choose from the following graduate courses:

PMGT 5000Project Management Principles0,3
PMGT 5010Project Selection and Initiation0,3
PMGT 5020Planning Projects0,3
PMGT 5030Project Execution and Delivery0,3

Continuation Standards

Students must maintain a minimum 3.00 overall grade point average (GPA) and a 3.50 GPA in their major.  

Graduate Admission

Students will not need to apply for admission to the graduate program, assuming they graduate with a 3.50 overall GPA or above and have successfully obtained a "B" or better in each of the 12 credits of the accelerated sequence. Instead, students petition to be matriculated into the graduate program.

The program director will review the materials and make a final decision. If students do not meet the 3.50 overall GPA requirement or fail to obtain a "B" or better in the bridge program courses, they may submit a full application for admission through graduate education, which requires supplemental materials that may improve the probability of admission.

Apply for Admission

For additional admission questions, please call 314-526-2825 or email