2.12 Disciplinary Records

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), disciplinary records are considered a part of a Student's education record. A Student's disciplinary record consists of those incidents in which a Student was alleged to have violated a University Policy and/or the University Community Standards and either took responsibility or were found responsible for the violation(s).

Any charge for which a Student is found not responsible does not become part of a Student's disciplinary record. In situations involving both an Accused (or a Student Organization) and a Student claiming to be the victim of another Student's actions, the records of the process and of the sanctions imposed, if any, will be considered to be the education records of both the Accused(s) and the Student(s) issuing the complaint because the educational career and chances of success in the academic community of each may be impacted.

To receive information in a Student's file, the Student must submit a signed request in-person or if in writing, along with a copy of a picture ID, to the Office of Student Responsibility and Community Standards. The request should describe specifically what should be released and to whom. Students requesting a copy of their file for their own personal records may come to the Office of Student Responsibility and Community Standards to review their disciplinary record under the supervision of the Office of Student Responsibility and Community Standards staff. Students requesting a release of information to a third party (graduate school, employer, etc.), will only receive information from the file on incidents where the Student either accepted responsibility or was found responsible in a hearing/appeal process. Disciplinary records for Students found responsible for violating University Policy and/or Community Standards, with sanctions less than suspension or expulsion, will generally be maintained for seven years (7) from the date of an incident, after which they are destroyed. Records of cases in which suspension or expulsion from the University occur, are kept indefinitely. As a part of FERPA, all disciplinary records are confidential and may not be disclosed in whole or in part except as provided by law or by the written authorization of the Student, under legal compulsion, or where the safety of other persons may be involved. Disciplinary records are maintained separate from the Student's academic record but are part of the Student's educational record.