Veteran Certification of Attendance

The University certifies enrollment in terms of the veteran’s semester credit load, and subsequently reports changes in student academic loads.

Veterans’ attendance is certified to the Veterans Administration (VA) beginning with the date of initial registration, and periodically until the expected completion date of the VA-approved program or goal. Veteran students must promptly inform the certifying official in the Office of the University Registrar, DuBourg Hall, Room 119, of any changes in status that might affect benefits. Failure to report such changes can result in overpayments and other complications in receipt of benefits.

Minimum Standards for G.I. Bill Students

As a result of established VA minimum standards for school attendance, veterans should be aware of the following regulations, which govern certification by the University and acceptance of the certification by the Veteran’s Administration:

  • Veteran students who cease attending, but who do not officially withdraw from class or from the University, will be reported as not making satisfactory progress.
  • The VA will be notified for the following reasons, and an overpayment may be charged against the veteran:
    • If a grade of "I," "AU", or "W" is assigned.
    • If status (full-time, three-fourths time, one-half time, etc.) is altered.
    • If academic progress is determined to be unsatisfactory.

Veteran students are expected to attend classes, perform academic duties as assigned by instructors, and adhere to academic policies as stated in this catalog. Failure to do so will result in reports to the VA of unsatisfactory progress, which, in turn, will result in discontinuance of benefits pending VA counseling.

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