Dropping or Withdrawing from Courses

When a student completely withdraws from Saint Louis University, drops individual courses or withdraws from individual courses within a semester or part of term, whether voluntary, requested by the University, or for other reasons, the following regulations apply:

  1. Students must drop or withdraw from their courses through Banner Self-Service.
  2. Dropping or withdrawing from courses does not eliminate the financial obligation to Saint Louis University.
  3. Tuition charges will be refunded in accordance with the schedule listed here.
  4. Course fee charges will not be refunded.
  5. University fee charges will not be refunded. 
  6. Housing and Residence charges will be refunded in accordance with the housing contract.
  7. There are specific federal, state and institutional drop/withdrawal policies regarding tuition and fees, housing charges, refunds to scholarship/financial aid programs, and repayments, which result from withdrawal from enrollment. Consult the Office of Student Financial Services for all particulars.
  8. When dropping or withdrawing courses, there are two situations, which may require immediate repayment of scholarship/financial aid funds:
    1. If University charges are reduced because of dropping or withdrawing from courses, and it creates a credit balance in your student account, these funds may be used to repay previous scholarship/financial aid awarded programs. This will depend on the amount of the scholarship/financial aid and the date of the withdrawal.
    2. If students withdraw completely from Saint Louis University they are no longer eligible to receive any scholarship/financial aid payments from that date forward. Federal Work-Study money earned before withdrawal will be paid. Students may not work on Federal Work-Study after withdrawing from the University.
  9. Information regarding the federal, state and institution regulations for calculating scholarship/financial aid refunds and repayments and the order of programs to which we restore aid is available from the Office of Student Financial Services website at https://www.slu.edu/financial-aid/paying-your-bill/refunds.php.
  10. Students receiving a Saint Louis University funded merit-based scholarship program must request a Scholarship Deferment before withdrawal from the University. Failure to obtain an approved Scholarship Deferment before withdrawing from the University terminates the student’s renewal scholarship eligibility.