American Rights in a Diverse Society, Microcredential

The American Rights in a Diverse Society Microcredential from Saint Louis University introduces students to the ways American traditions have affected people’s rights across a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. This SLU undergraduate academic microcredential will serve students who are interested in pursuing a career in history, politics, government or public administration.

Admission Requirements

For current, active Saint Louis University students wishing to declare a microcredential, complete the Update for Student Curriculum Record form

For non-Saint Louis University students, click here to apply as a Visiting/Non-Degree Seeking Student. 

1. Students will learn how to conduct basic research in American civil rights history, using resources available at the Pius XII and Vincent C. Immel Law libraries.

2.  Students will build content knowledge and competency in several areas of American civil rights history, with a specific focus on the human and civil rights of diverse populations. For example, a student could take courses in women’s history, immigration history, and African American history, and write research papers in each of these courses focusing on legal and constitutional aspects of the diverse American experience.

Course Requirements

Select 3 courses, 9 credits, from the below:9
U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction, 1850-1877
American Slavery
American Women
Civil Rights in America
U.S. Constitutional History
Immigration in U.S. History and Culture
Total Credits9

Continuation Standards

Students are expected to earn a grade of “C” or better in each required course. Students who do not achieve the “C” or better grade in a required course will be expected to repeat the course in an attempt to achieve the “C” or better grade.

Non-Course Requirement

Students will complete a brief (1500 words) reflection that contemplates their experiences across the three courses and ties together their deeper understanding of the microcredential theme. This essay will be read and evaluated by one of the faculty who teach in this area, to be appointed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. 

For additional information about our program, please contact:

Silvana R. Siddali, Ph.D.
History Graduate Program Coordinator