Environmental Science, Minor

Students minoring in environmental science at Saint Louis University will learn how the geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere interact with each other in the natural world, how human activities influence the environment and how people are affected by the ever-changing environment.

Environmental science encompasses the study of Earth’s environment, which comprises these spheres, with emphasis on human interactions with them. SLU's environmental science program is designed so students first gain a thorough foundation of knowledge in all spheres and then focus more on one or more sub-disciplines like soil, water, energy or climate change.

Required Courses
EAS 1430Introduction to the Solid Earth3
EAS 1435Introduction to the Solid Earth Lab1
EAS 1030Earth's Dynamic Environment II3
EAS 1455Intro to Oceanography Lab1
EAS 1080Introduction to Environmental Science3
EAS 2400Field Techniques in the Geosciences3
Minor Elective Courses
Select seven to nine additional credits of EAS courses, such as:7-9
Computer Applications in Earth Science
Environmental Geochemistry
Total Credits21-23

Continuation Standards

Students with a minor in environmental science must maintain a 2.00 GPA in their minor coursework.