Veteran Administration (VA) Funding

The following accommodations will be made for all students who use the Post 9/11 GI Bill or VA Vocational Rehabilitation to fund their education and have provided a copy of their certificate of eligibility or statement of benefits to the VA certifying official and completed the Veterans Benefits Registration form for each term they wish to access VA benefits:

Students will be allowed to deduct from prior or current balance any outstanding anticipated Post 9/11 or VA Vocational Rehabilitation funding and establish monthly payments on any remaining balance not covered by the Veterans Administration. 

Students who are carrying a balance due to the delayed processing of such payments and wish to be enrolled in a payment plan will be placed in a special plan with no interest charged and less than standard calculated minimums.

SLU will carry the Post 9/11 or VA Vocational Rehabilitation balance until the payments are released to SLU or the students or until such time as the VA notifies SLU that they do not plan to pay any portion of the balance to school.

SLU will not place registration holds on any student with an outstanding balance strictly remaining from delayed VA funds. Transcript or diploma holds may be placed.