Social Work, M.S.W. and Pastoral Studies, M.A. (Aquinas Institute of Theology) Dual Degree

The School of Social Work at Saint Louis University and Aquinas Institute of Theology offer a dual-degree program comprised of a Master of Social Work and Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies, allowing students to complete both degrees in 85 credits instead of the 105 credits required to complete both degrees independently.

The program is designed to prepare students for professional social work and pastoral ministry through a dual track of coursework and fieldwork. The program provides the framework, skills and resources necessary for spiritually oriented social work practice and deepens a professional's commitment to social justice.

Social ministry settings for practica and for employment include ecumenical and denominational organizations.

Examples include: 

  • Interfaith coalitions
  • Church councils
  • Peace and justice organizations
  • Parishes
  • Diocesan, metropolitan, regional, synodal or national organizations

Applicants must fulfill all admission requirements for both schools and acceptance into both programs is required for admission into the dual-degree program.

For additional information, see the catalog entries for the following SLU programs:

Social Work, M.S.W.

Pastoral Studies, M.A.P.S. (Aquinas Institute of Theology)


The baccalaureate social work program at Saint Louis University has been continuously accredited since 1972. The Master of Social Work program at Saint Louis University has been continuously accredited since 1952.

Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)
1701 Duke Street, Suite 200
Alexandria, VA 22314-3457
Phone: 703-683-8080 

Students must meet the admission requirements and be admitted into both degree programs according to the processes of each of the participating academic institutions in order to pursue a dual-degree program.

Individuals must apply to SLU's M.S.W. degree program concurrently with the M.A.P.S. degree program at Aquinas Institute.

In place of 12 credits of social work electives, dual degree M.A.P.S./M.S.W. students take 12 credits of M.A.P.S. courses.

Continuation Standards

Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 in all graduate/professional courses.

Roadmaps are recommended semester-by-semester plans of study for programs and assume full-time enrollment unless otherwise noted.  

Courses and milestones designated as critical (marked with !) must be completed in the semester listed to ensure a timely graduation. Transfer credit may change the roadmap.

This roadmap should not be used in the place of regular academic advising appointments. All students are encouraged to meet with their advisor/mentor each semester. Requirements, course availability and sequencing are subject to change.

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
CDS-D500:Theology of Worship 3
STH-D503Introduction to Theology and Theological Method 3
SWRK 5702 Social Policy 3
SWRK 5750 Social Work Practice with Individuals, Families, & Groups 3
SWRK 5725 Human Behavior & the Social Environment 3
BIB-D502Biblical Interpretation 3
MOR-D500Foundations of Catholic Morality 3
STH-D521Christology 3
SWRK 5751 Social Work Practice with Communities & Organizations 3
SWRK 5841 Master of Social Work Foundation Practicum 2
SWRK 5819 Foundation Integrative Practice Seminar 1
Year Two
BIB-D532Ecclesiology 3
FRM-D501Human and Spiritual Formation I 2
PST-D500Foundation of Pastoral and Ethical Care 3
SWRK 5832
Community & Organization Practicum I
or Clinical Practicum I
SWRK 5820 Integrative Practice Seminar 1
SWRK-57XXConcentration Core 6
Supervised Practice of Ministry Orientation †§  
FRM-D501Human and Spiritual Formation II 1
PST-D537Foundation of Pastoral Counseling 3
SWRK 5700 Values & Ethics in Social Work 3
SWRK 5833
Community & Organization Practicum II
or Clinical Practicum II
SWRK-57XXConcentration Core 3
Year Three
FRM-D501Human and Spiritual Formation III 1
MIN-D510Supervised Practice of Ministry (SPM) I 3
PST-DXXChurch History I 3
SWRK-57XXConcentration Core/Elective 3
SWRK 5707 Policy Practice for Social Justice 3
BIB-DXXXScripture Elective 3
CDS-D5550Integrative Seminar 0
PST-DXXXChurch History II 3
SWRK 5708 Research and Evaluation in Social Work Practice 3
SWRK Elective 3
 Total Credits85

Aquinas Institute of Theology Course

If choosing the clinical concentration in M.S.W. program, SWRK 5733 must be taken with SWRK 5842.


Must be completed prior to start of supervised practice of ministry. Specific dates provided by the Director of Field Education. 

Apply for Admission

For admission questions, contact:

School of Social Work Graduate Admissions Office

For program questions contact:

Kristi Richter, M.S.W., LCSW, CDFT
Director of Master of Social Work Program
Assistant clinical professor of Social Work