Dual Degree (Bachelor's)

A current undergraduate student may concurrently earn a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree by:

  • meeting all undergraduate graduation requirements;

  • meeting all major requirements of both degrees;

  • meeting all college/school (if across multiple colleges/schools) requirements of both degrees; and

  • earning at least 150 credits.

Courses taken towards fulfilling one degree will count towards fulfilling requirements in the other.

Students must be awarded the degrees concurrently. See the policy on Second Bachelor’s Degree for additional information.

Additional policies

  • Students cannot earn an additional degree with the same major, e.g. students earning a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science cannot also pursue a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

  • Students cannot concurrently earn two Bachelor of Arts degrees or two Bachelor of Science degrees. For example, students cannot concurrently earn a Bachelor of Science in Social Work and Bachelor of Science in Finance, therefore these students would earn a single Bachelor of Science with two majors.