Madrid Campus Appendix

Established 1967, Saint Louis University's campus in Madrid is the oldest U.S. University in Spain and the first American-based University to have its own free-standing campus in Europe. What distinguishes the SLU campus in Madrid from virtually any U.S. university in Europe (or anywhere abroad, for that matter) is the diversity of the student body. Study abroad programs typically cater to U.S. Students visiting for a semester or for a year; small U.S. universities abroad typically cater either to host country nationals or to students from around the world. The 1,100 students attending the Madrid campus are a fairly equal contingent of permanent students from all over the world, and students who are studying abroad. While many students are from the United States and from Spain, there is a strong cohort from countries in Western and Eastern Europe, Latin America and North Africa. Students study and earn undergraduate degrees in programs such as English, Spanish, International Business, Communication, Economics, International Relations and many more. The campus also offers master's degrees in Political Science and Spanish. The program's distinctive focus on learning outside of the classroom also makes it unique. The Madrid campus is the only university in Spain to offer students a full range of co-curricular activities.

Students interested in planning to study abroad should contact the Saint Louis University Office of International Services:

Des Peres Hall, Room 102
3694 West Pine Mall
St. Louis, MO 63108
(314) 977-2318
(314) 977-3412