2.13 Family Notification

The purpose of Saint Louis University’s Family and Legal Guardian Notification Policy is to foster a healthy and safe campus community while promoting the educational and professional success of Students. Consideration to notify parents demonstrates Saint Louis University's commitment to "cura personalis" or a deep "care of the person," and our goal "to work toward the common good."

Although the University’s primary relationship is with its Students, the University also understands that families and/or legal guardians maintain an interest in their Student’s experience and behavior while at college, and can play a positive role in their learning experience. Therefore, the University strives to foster a partnership with both Students and their families in which each has a unique responsibility to promote a healthy and productive learning experience. As part of our mission, the University expects Students to assume personal responsibility and accountability for their actions as they learn to live independently. The University also recognizes that the process of establishing appropriate levels of personal autonomy requires support and, at times, assistance or intervention. In the appropriate circumstances, notification of families or legal guardians can be a means of support in that transition.

Family notification is intended as a means to inform and encourage communication between a Student and their family without compromising our primary relationship with the Student and their ability to assume responsibility for their actions. Families are encouraged to use this information to assist their Student in fulfilling their educational goals through the use of open dialogue. After family notification has occurred, the University will continue to correspond and otherwise conduct business directly with the Student, and not through the family or legal guardian, or any other third party, along with encouraging the Student to maintain healthy and regular communication with their primary support.


  1. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Policy, the University has established the following guidelines for notifying family when there is:
    1. Concern for the welfare of a Student;
    2. The Student's behavior may jeopardize the welfare of others; or
    3. The Student is involved in violations of federal, state, or local law or University policies related to the possession, use, or distribution of alcohol or a controlled substance (drugs) and is under the age of 21.
  2. Specifically, the University grants to the Vice President for Student Development, or designee the authority to appoint who may notify family and/or legal guardian, as well as to determine when and by what means they may do so.
  3. The Vice President for Student Development, or designee, whenever possible will involve the Student in a discussion about the decision to notify their family and/or legal guardian and will inform the Student when notification has occurred. However, Saint Louis University may disclose information to family and/or legal guardians, without written consent from the Students, when notification is determined to be necessary to protect the health or safety of the Student or others. Nothing in these proposed guidelines will prevent University officials from notifying family and/or legal guardians of health or safety emergencies, regardless of the Student's conduct status.

Circumstances for Notification

In general, notification of parents or legal guardians for a violation of federal, state, or local law or University Policy may happen given the following circumstances:

  1. The Student receives treatment at a medical facility for a serious or life-threatening injury.
  2. The Student has threatened or caused harm to self or others.
    1. The Student has been found responsible or accepted responsibility for a conduct violation in which FERPA allows parental or legal guardian notification, or the sanctions imposed impinge on an aspect of a Student's education record for which a FERPA release has been signed (e.g., housing reassignment that impacts a housing contract).
  3. The University is notified by police that a Student was arrested or taken into custody.
    1. The information regarding the Student is needed in connection with an emergency to protect the health or safety of the Student or other individuals.
    2. The Student and/or a Student's guest is 17 years of age or younger and alleged to have violated any federal, state or local law, or any rule or policy of the University.

The University retains the right in its discretion to notify parents or legal guardians of any conduct or behavioral matter.