Art History, Minor

Taking advantage of faculty with wide-ranging research interests that span the globe, Saint Louis University's art history minor provides a broad-based perspective on the history of art. 

Students enrolled in SLU’s art history minor gain skills in critical thinking and the analysis of visual culture, both past and present. Study of the history of art pairs exceptionally well with many degree programs offered at SLU, including theology, philosophy, Catholic studies, women’s and gender studies, American studies, English, history, business, and programs in the health sciences.

The minor consists of 18 credits, three of which are at the introductory level and a minimum of nine that must be advanced (at the 3000 level or higher). Art history minors at SLU may choose their electives from the broad range of courses the program offers. There are no prerequisites on upper-level art history courses, though it is advisable to consider beginning with an introductory course.

Art history minors at SLU also can apply three studio art credits toward the degree for a more hands-on experience of the creative process. Those who prefer more advanced research opportunities may opt for an upper-level (3000 or above) art history course instead of a studio art course.

A total of 18 credits are required, nine of which must be at 3000-level or 4000-level.

Introductory Course
Select one of the following:3
Art and its Histories
Masterpieces in Art
Global Masterpieces in Art
Studio Art 2000 Level or Art History Course
Select one of the following:3
Drawing I
Painting I
Printmaking I
Ceramics I
Computer Art I
Analog Photography
Elective Credits
Select the remaining twelve credits from the following:
Art Produced Before 18006
History of Architecture
Global Masterpieces in Art
Life & Times of Michelangelo
Art and the Body
Art of Jerusalem and Three Faiths: Past and Present
Art in Africa
Islamic Art and Society
Saints in Art
History of Spanish Art *
Art in Rome
Ancient Art Survey
Art of the African Diaspora
Excavating Culture of 3 Faiths
Art of Cathedrals and Kings
Christian Art
Art of Pilgrimage and Crusades
Early Renaissance Art in Italy
High Renaissance Art in Italy
Art of Nobles and Merchants in the Northern Renaissance
Women in Art
Christian Art: Advanced
Islamic Art and Society: Advanced
Excavating Culture of Three Faiths: Advanced Studies
Art of Cathedrals and Kings: Advanced
Art of Pilgrimage and Crusades: Advanced Studies
Early Renaissance Art in Italy: Advanced
High Renaissance Art Italy: Advanced
Art North Renaissance: Adv Art of Nobles & Merchants in the Northern Renaissance: Advanced
Golden Age of Spanish Art *
Art Produced After 18006
History of Architecture
American Masterpieces in Art
Global Masterpieces in Art
The History of Animation
Sculpture in Saint Louis
Controversy in Art
Art and the Body
Art in Africa
History of Spanish Art *
Art and History of Madrid *
African American Art
Art of the African Diaspora
Modern Art
American Art: Colonial to WW II
American Art: WWII to the Present
Nineteenth-Century Art
Modern Art
Women in Art
American Art: Colonial to WWII: Advanced Studies
American Art: WWII to the Present: Advanced
Modern Art in Spain and France *
Nineteenth-Century Art: Advanced
Art and Politics: From Goya to the Cold War *
Twentieth-Century Art
History of Photography
Modern Art in Latin America
Research Methods
Total Credits18

Denotes courses taught at the Madrid campus

Continuation Standards

A student must maintain a C average in minor courses.

Students can complete all or part of the art history minor at SLU’s campus in Madrid.

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