3.6 Publicity

Publicity for Student-sponsored events, activities or elections is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization or Student candidate. Bulletin boards are conveniently placed for the use of Students, faculty and staff. Departmental bulletin boards also are conveniently located and clearly marked for departmental use only. Fliers, displays or other forms of publicity must comply with the following regulations. Additional information may be obtained from the Student Involvement Center, located in Busch Student Center, Suite 319.

  1. Posters and Displays
    1. All postings, including but not limited to, fliers, posters, handbills, sheet signs, and banners must have the approval stamp of the Student Involvement Center three (3) business days prior to posting or distribution. The permission of department personnel, when applicable, must be received before posting any material on their bulletin boards.
    2. All fliers and posters may be displayed for two weeks and must be marked with the date on which they will be removed.
    3. No group or Chartered Student Organization may have more than one poster at a time on a bulletin board unless the posters publicize separate events.
    4. The maximum size of any poster will be 60" in perimeter and the name of the sponsoring group must be clearly identified on the poster.
    5. In residence halls, posters and other publicity are subject to the rules and regulations of the Department of Housing and Residence Life.
    6. In order to maintain the beauty of the campus and to preserve the quality of the buildings, trees, and shrubs, there will be no posting of notices on trees, buildings, telephone poles on the campus, or sidewalks. By special authorization of the Student Involvement Center and Facilities Services, posters may be displayed on stake signs. Student Organizations requesting approval to post fliers on the stake sign for a limited period of time (seven business days) must complete an Outdoor Posting Authorization form signed by representatives of the Student Involvement Center and Facilities Services according to the Stake Sign Guidelines available on the Student Involvement Center website.
    7. St. Louis City Code states that it is unlawful to stick, paint, brand, attach, hang, or suspend upon any house, building, fence, or wall without the consent of the owner thereof, upon any pole used for the purpose of carrying electrical conductors, upon any street, sidewalk, or pavement, or other public place any printed, written, painted or other advertisement, bill, notice, sign or poster.
    8. Scotch/duct tape may not be used to post materials.
    9. Posting is not permitted on woodwork, doors, or bulletin board frames.
    10. Municipal, state, or national campaign posters are not permitted on the campus.
    11. Decorations are permitted, on special occasions, in the windows of the Student residences with the permission of the Department of Housing and Residence Life.
    12. In accordance with the state fire marshal's regulations, all postings within 30 inches of any light fixture must be of fireproof material.
    13. Special provisions can be made to display posters during Student Government elections, or other all campus referenda, through the Student Involvement Center and SGA.
    14. Courtesy and respect for the freedom of expression by others dictates that posters should not to be marked on, destroyed, or removed. Anyone discovered defacing posters will be subject to disciplinary action through designated disciplinary channels.
    15. Violations of the above poster regulations may be referred to the Office of Student Responsibility and Community Standards.
  2. Fliers and Handbills
    1. The University reserves the right to regulate locations on campus where fliers and handbills may be distributed. Fliers and handbills must be approved by the Student Involvement Center three (3) business days prior to posting or distribution. In general, handbills, fliers, or posters may not be distributed:
    • Outside buildings where normal flow may be impeded
    • Inside buildings and offices, except from reserved distribution tables
    1. Fliers and handbills may not be placed on car windshields.
    2. Sponsoring Student Organizations or departments must be clearly identified on the flyer or handbill.
    3. Sponsoring Student Organizations or departments distributing handbills or fliers are responsible for their content.
    4. These same rules also pertain to the distribution of fliers or handbills in the city of St. Louis. City ordinance prescribes that it is unlawful to place, throw, or knowingly drop in or upon any street, highway, alley, or public ground in the city, handbills, blotters, posters or advertising samples, or to place these or like items in or on any street, highway, alley, or public grounds in the city. Permission must be secured from the Mayor's office to distribute handbills to homes in St. Louis, along the streets or on any city property. Permission to place large banners (fliers, posters, etc.) in local stores must be obtained from the individual merchants.
  3. Advertising and Alcohol
    Publicity for events at which alcohol is present must not emphasize or promote the sale, distribution, or consumption of alcohol, nor depict the use of alcoholic beverages. Only events that comply with state law and University Policy may be advertised to the University community.