Biology, B.S. (STLCC 2+SLU)

This program plan is part of the formal 2+SLU transfer agreement between St. Louis Community College and Saint Louis University.

Students in this program will satisfy the degree requirements published in the 2020-2021 academic catalog at St. Louis Community College and the 2021-2022 academic catalog at SLU. Students must complete all courses and transfer to SLU on or before the spring 2026 semester.

Students who plan to transfer to SLU after spring 2026 should contact a transfer admission counselor to explore options.

Students who have been following a program plan from a previous year's academic catalog can reference their older program plan version at

For additional information see the catalog entry for:

Biology, B.S.

  • Students must complete all the courses outlined on the Program Plan unless an exception is approved by SLU.
  • Students must complete an application for admission.
  • Students may be subject to admission review under circumstances outlined in the Admission Policies.
  • Students must present a 2.50 cumulative GPA at the time of transfer to SLU.

Program Plans provide a guided pathway for students to earn an associate's degree at their home institution and a bachelor's degree at Saint Louis University. Students may change the sequence in which they complete courses at their home institution. Students who complete a course that is not part of this Program Plan are encouraged to contact SLU to see if the course could be substituted.

St. Louis Community College Courses 

Transfer Course Transfer Course Title Transfer Course Credits Equivalent SLU Course Equivalent SLU Credits
Year One
BIO 140 Principles of Biology I (MOTR BIOL 150L) 5 BIOL 1240 and BIOL 1245 5
CHM 105 General Chemistry I (MOTR CHEM 150L) 5 CHEM 1115 and CHEM 1110 5
ENG 101 College Composition I (MOTR ENGL 100) 3 ENGL 1500 3
PHL 103 World Religions (MOTR RELG 100) 3 THEO 2710 3
Credits 16 16
BIO 141 Principles of Biology II 4 BIOL 1260 and BIOL 1265 4
CHM 106 General Chemistry II 5 CHEM 1120 and CHEM 1125 5
ENG 102 College Composition II (MOTR ENGL 200) 3 ENGL 1900 3
MTH 210 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I 5 MATH 1510 5
Credits 17 17
Year Two
CHM 206 and CHM 210 Organic Chemistry Lecture I and Organic Chemistry Lab I 5 CHEM 2410 and CHEM 2415 5
PHY 111 College Physics I (MOTR PHYS 150L) 4 PHYS 1310 and PHYS 1320 4
PSC 101 Introduction to American Politics (MOTR POSC 101) 3 POLS 1100 3
Credits 12 12
CHM 207 and CHM 211 Organic Chemistry Lecture II and Organic Chemistry Lab II 5 CHEM 2420 and CHEM 2425 5
HST 115 or HST 128 Ancient and Medieval History to 1500 (MOTR WCIV 101) or Western Civilization from 1500 to the Present (MOTR WCIV 102) 3 HIST 1110 or HIST 1120 3
PHY 112 College Physics II 4 PHYS 1330 and PHYS 1340 4
Literature or Fine Art Course (see list below)* 3 Literature or Fine Art Requirement 3
Credits 15 15
St. Louis Community College Total Credits 60 60

Choose from ENG 110, ENG 114, ENG 204, ENG 205, ENG 211, ENG 216, ENG 217, ENG 224, ENG 225, ENG 231, ENG 233, ART 100, ART 101, ART 102, ART 103, ART 109, ART 113, ART 115, ART 165, MCM 130, MUS 103, MUS 113, MUS 114, MUS 128, MUS 131, MUS 132, MUS 134, MUS 135, MUS 212, THT 101, THT 108


Note: Students must complete an AS in General STEM Transfer Studies at STLCC to be part of the official 2+SLU program. Students using this program plan as a general guide to transfer to SLU may have to complete additional courses at SLU.


Pre-Health/Pre-Med note: Students intending to apply for graduate level medical or physician assistant programs should research the admission requirements of the institutions they wish to apply to. Some institutions require that courses included in the community college portion of this program plan must be completed at a 4-year institution.

Saint Louis University Courses 

Plan of Study Grid
Year Two
BIOL 3020 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 3
Year Three
BIOL 3010 Evolutionary Biology 3
Biology Concentration 3
Biology Elective 3
MATH 1300
Elementary Statistics with Computers
or Biometry
CORE 1600 Ultimate Questions: Theology 3
BIOL 3030 Principles of Genetics 3
Biology Elective 3
Biology Elective 3
Biology Elective 3
CORE 1700 Ultimate Questions: Philosophy 3
Year Four
Biology Elective 3
Biology Elective 3
Biology Elective 3
PHIL 2050 Ethics 3
Foreign Language I 3
Biology Elective 3
Biology Elective 3
General Elective 3
Literature or Fine Art Requirement 3
Senior Inquiry 1
 Total Credits61-62

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